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Why Network Marketing? Why Isagenix®?

Why Network Marketing? Why Isagenix®? from Isagenix International on Vimeo. Want to know more? Want to stay healthier? Maybe even get paid to stay healthier? Contact us today. We are here to answer your questions.

Heard about IsaGenisis?

IsaGenisis helps neutralizing any harmful free redicals by support teleomere …..

Recipe: Green Tea Berry Quencher

Serves: 1 Adapted from 1 quart green tea, brewed and cooled to be slightly warm tsp Himalayan sea salt or other sea salt variety* tsp crushed calcium-magnesium tablets or powder** cup juice (suggestions: cranberry, blueberry or cherry) 1-2 TBSP sweetener*** (agave, sugar, honey, stevia, etc.) Instructions: Brew tea, add sweetener if desired, and let cool …

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7 Surprising Health Myths

by Brandpoint Living a healthy life takes some resolve, but success often comes down to knowing what pays the biggest dividends for a given effort. Health coaches are great sources for this insight. They’ve seen it all on the job and learned a lot in their training. Myth No. 1: An aerobic workout boosts your metabolism …

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