Recipe: Green Tea Berry Quencher

Serves: 1

Adapted from

  • 1 quart green tea, brewed and cooled to be slightly warm
  • tsp Himalayan sea salt or other sea salt variety*
  • tsp crushed calcium-magnesium tablets or powder**
  • cup juice (suggestions: cranberry, blueberry or cherry)
  • 1-2 TBSP sweetener*** (agave, sugar, honey, stevia, etc.)


Brew tea, add sweetener if desired, and let cool until warm. Add sea salt, and if using add calcium-magnesium tablet/powder. Add juice, and mix or shake well until dissolved. Cool and store in fridge until ready to use.

*Sea salt must be used to provide trace minerals that table salt does not. I

**Calcium-magnesium powder is optional. It helps prevent magnesium losses and has other vitamins and minerals to increase the utilization of calcium. These two nutrients help to prevent muscle cramping and helps to reduce lactic acid build-up.

***Use of sweetener is also optional, as is the type. The natural sugar in the juice provides sufficient glucose if you don’t opt to add a sweetener. It�s important the drink is palatable and enjoyable to you, so experiment until you find something you like. Make sure to test during training and not an event.


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